GhettoBSD is ordered to stop releasing GhettoBSD due to security, reliability, and compramising "holes" in the system.

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What is GhettoBSD?

GhettoBSD is a BSD UNIX like operating system for your computer. It is developed and maintained by a amature programmer.

Ghetto Ass Features


GhettoBSD offers some networking, performance, security and compatibility features. But due to the lack of help, GhettoBSD doesn't have some of these features or has them, but they work very poorly.

Compromised Internet Solutions

GhettoBSD makes an ideal GhettoServer for your own GhettoNetwork. It provides some network services. Even under the lightest of loads it should crash. But on the upside, it uses memory to maintain response times for a few (3) simultaneous user processes. Visit our website for examples of GhettoBSD powered applications and services.

Run a Small Variety of Applications

The quality of GhettoBSD combined with today's high-cost, low-speed PC hardware makes GhettoBSD a very economical alternative to non-suported UNIX converted from MicroSoft workstations.. It is poorly-suited for a great number of both desktop and server applications. So pick one or the other.

Sometimes Easy to Install

You thought some linux distros were hard to install? Heh. GhettoBSD can barely be installed from cd. But is available from a variety of media including CD-ROM, floppy disk, magnetic tape, and MS-DOS partitions. And if you have a network connection, such as cable or dsl, you can't install it directly over anonymous FTP or NFS or anything else. What you need is a UNIX expert who can do this for you.

GhettoBSD is Not Free

While you might expect an operating system with these features to sell for a high price, you would be right! GhettoBSD is NOT available free of charge, and does NOT come with full source code. If you would like to try it out, sorry! We don't really distribute it anymore because of a pending lawsuit for "ruining servers." What a load of crap.

Complaining About GhettoBSD

It is easy to complain about GhettoBSD. But unless you can fix your own complaint, we don't care to know what you think! So what you need to do when you find a part of GhettoBSD which you think could be improved on, make those changes (however you can) and submit that back to the GhettoBSD Project by whichever means you can. This should be only shit we can use! Otherwise, we don't want to hear it!


To learn more about GhettoBSD, try learning FreeBSD, and then tell us what to do! Lord knows we need help!

Changes to the web site go live whenever they are uploaded and the GhettoBSD servers are up.

Don't Contact us, we'll contact you!
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Please note that this page is similar to the site (eh, actually it is the site but modified to have a comical effect), but is not intended to resemble them nor to make fun of FreeBSD (ok it is intended to resemble them =P ). FreeBSD is an excellent Operating System that is used world wide for many application solutions from desk top pc's to the best server! And if that isn't enough to convince you how good they are, know that the GhettoNetwork is run by FreeBSD! Please visit to learn more about their software! And just so everyone knows, WE LOVE FreeBSD! (maybe they can donate some cd's or something =P )

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